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Ita Olsen

Interview with Ita Olsen of Olsen Speech, Inc.!

Ita, the Master of Strong Speaking!

When you hear “speech therapy,” you probably think of a doctor’s office. Or that tiny little room at school where you got sent if you had a lisp.

Ita Olsen is taking the concept of speech therapy and bringing it to…

Jennifer Sparks Berthelot

Interview with Jennifer Sparks Berthelot of SWIFTKICK Life!

Aw, she’s happy to see us!

We are super excited to have the chance to talk to Jennifer Sparks Berthelot, the head honcho of Swift Kick Life. She’s a life coach bent on helping people live a full and sustained life. So in…


How I Produced Praxis

In sophomore year at UCSC, Rene and I took our first film production class.  For Rene’s film in the class, we produced a science fiction action short called Praxis.  This was the most ambitious project we’d attempted at the time (we only had 10 weeks to develop and complete this and my film for the class!). Rene wanted…


How I Produced Vengeful Spirit

In junior year of college at University of California, Santa Cruz, Rene and I decided to partner up with our friend, Jake, to produce a samurai film.  It was the largest production that we produced up to that point in our career, and we decided to…


Make Commercials For A Brand I Believe In

One of my first paid jobs in the filmmaking world was to make commercials. I loved it because I was getting paid to make videos, but I didn’t always love the brands or products that I was…


Admit To Myself that I Am a Filmmaker

I have spent 13 years of my life mastering filmmaking, and I have a lot of success to show for it. I am a filmmaker.

I just celebrated my 30th birthday with a party this past weekend, three weeks after my actual birth date back in March (and well past

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