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Teen Witch

500 Movie Challenge: Teen Witch

This movie is an abomination. I’ve seen snippets of this movie on and off, certainly not enough to say that I had fully seen it before. I knew nothing of Teen Witch.

But once we started watching this movie, I started to have…

The First Wives Club

500 Movie Challenge: The First Wives Club

This is one of my favorite films in the entire world. Everyone has a movie they’re able to watch over and over, and The First Wives Club is mine. It’s all about…

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

500 Movie Challenge: Rory and Michelle’s High School Reunion

There are movies about female friendship, and then there movies about girlfriends. One is realistic and cutting, while one is optimistic and often weirdly insightful. Both are great for female representation in movies. Both are often highly beloved.


The Slanted Screen

500 Movie Challenge: The Slanted Screen

MORE DOCUMENTARIES! Seriously, there are way more documentaries making it to this Challenge than I ever expected. But I’m trying to keep it to documentaries that have been recommended to me multiple times and are considered to be well made. The…

Skip the Shamrocks. Here's how you celebrate Saint Patick's Day

Forget Shamrocks. Here’s How To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day


Did you know that they don’t have Lucky Charms in Ireland? Yeah, they really don’t! Because Lucky Charms are for as*holes.

Really, people? We’re still making jokes about Irish people in 2015? We still make jokes about them…

A Clockwork Orange

500 Movie Challenge: A Clockwork Orange

Time for some movies about craziness! Okay, maybe anarchy more than insanity. But A Clockwork Orange definitely ranks up there with movies notorious for being batsh*t crazy. And it stars


500 Movie Challenge: Freaks

When I first heard about Freaks, it was in the same way lots of folks first hear about The Human Centipede. The reactions to it were always something like, “OMG, did you hear that movie…

Pumping Iron

500 Movie Challenge: Pumping Iron

MOAR DOCUMENTARIES. But seriously, this one’s been on my list for a while. My uncle’s a bodybuilder, so I was curious to learn more about bodybuilding from people back in the high times of it all….

Muppet Trasure Island

500 Movie Challenge: Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island is a classic movie. Not just for 1990s nostalgia, but as a classic Absurdly Dumb Movie. This movie is so dumb. But it’s so good because of it. Put it up there with Harold and Kumar and…

Gone Girl

500 Movie Challenge: Gone Girl

I was surprised with how Gone Girl was received when it first came out. People loved it pretty much universally, and yet everyone agreed that the main characters were pretty much the worst people….

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