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Telling Stories One Piece at a Time

There are many ways a person can keep track and remember important events in their lives – taking pictures, writing about special events journals, or keeping little trinkets or mementos to trigger those memories. Or, a person can simply blog about them. We can, then, take these things and show them to others as a…


Search For High Heels That Don’t Kill My Feet

I’ll be honest.  I’m a tomboy and I dress like one.  As a kid, I stopped wearing dresses/skirts because it was hard to run around in them without showing my undies or scratching up my knees.  By the time I was in high school, I owned lots of boy’s clothing and regularly dressed like a…

The Unaccomplished Lady

Who is the Modern Accomplished Lady?

To begin my journey, I must first define what a modern accomplished lady is to me. She is well versed and accomplished in several different qualities including, but not limited to: Culture, Career, Health, Housekeeping, Fashion, Nurture, and Refinement. More specifically, each of these categories include:

CAREER, as it pertains to me, will include practical…

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