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Therapy Dog

Becoming a Therapy Dog Team

Several people have asked me how my dog, a rescue named Jones, and I became a therapy dog team. To be honest, I had put off this longtime dream of mine because I was…

estate sale 1

9 tips from an Estate Sale junkie

  I used to think Estate Sales were for the wealthy, full of expensive jewelry and collector’s cars. But I was happy to learn that Estate Sales can be jackpots for those of us who love vintage stuff, or…

Illustration by Adriana Guarderas

Customer Service Doesn’t Have to be the Pits

Illustration by Adriana Guarderas

Customer service isn’t always easy. My experiences—often trial by fire—have trained me to diplomatically handle irate—and even mentally unstable—customers. I’ve had to be the therapist and verbal punching bag. I’ve been treated…

Poltergeist cover

7 Movies in 7 Days: Poltergeist

We had to end with the photo that inspired the challenge itself! It’s a classic, and set up to be one of the scariest horror films ever made. One of the great post-1970s horror films.

I’m happy to say that these assertions are completely correct.

The gist:…

Jaws DVD

7 Movies in 7 Days: Jaws

The big daddy that started it all. The big shark movie that started all Big Sh*t Wreaking Sh*t films that now

The gist: Really? I have to do this? Sigh.

An enormous great white shark starts eating the residents of a Northeastern vacation town, much to the…

The Village cover

7 Movies in 7 Days: The Village

I won’t lie, I needed a pallet cleanser after Akira. Something light and fluffy. So instead, I picked a movie that is universally reviled. A movie considered so bad, even Ebert hated it….

Akira DVD case

7 Movies in 7 Days: Akira (Introducing the Movie Challenge!)

So one day I thought to myself, “I want to be a person with good taste. How do you become a person with good taste?”

The answer that comes to mind immediately is that you need to consume a lot of media. When you watch/read/listen to new stuff consistently, you develop a more refined palate. You…

Grease Summer Lovin'

Our Summer Plans!

We are SO pumped for summer over here at The Unaccomplished Lady! Here’s what we’re planning to do:

“Our plans are fairly simple! To warm our new apartment with art, good food, and fun times. We…

patton oswalt and charlize theron funny

I’m Helping My Conservative Brother Become A Pastor (And It’s Okay)

The black one fits in with the other gators, but the albino’s more loved on the Internet. Who’s the bigger success?

Brian was always the favorite child.

He was extroverted,…


Admit To Myself that I Am a Filmmaker

I have spent 13 years of my life mastering filmmaking, and I have a lot of success to show for it. I am a filmmaker.

I just celebrated my 30th birthday with a party this past weekend, three weeks after my actual birth date back in March (and well past

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