Grease Summer Lovin'

Our Summer Plans!

Grease Summer Lovin'

We are SO pumped for summer over here at The Unaccomplished Lady! Here’s what we’re planning to do:

  • “Our plans are fairly simple! To warm our new apartment with art, good food, and fun times. We have lots of art ideas for the apartment. We are working on filling the walls thoughtfully and frugally. I hope to post pictures soon!” ~Nicole
  • Going to the South during the last week of July. Looking forward to BBQ, good craft beer, Charleston, the Eastern seaboard, and some good old fashioned Southern hospitality. Other than that, probably work. No bueno.” ~Ms. Smarty Pants
  • “I’m going to Yellowstone with friends, and saving up enough money to move out of my boyfriend’s mom’s house.” ~Brit, aka Princess Dread
  • In the evening I am taking a Collage class through Art Center at Night. I received a scholarship to take the class for free and a stipend for art supplies after a review of my portfolio and personal artist statement by a panel at Art Center. When I got the scholarship letter in the mail I was over the moon!” ~Adriana
  • “Depending on how much time I can afford away from day jobs and TV shows that I’m developing, I’d love to take a photography or painting class (or barter these classes from my talented friends).” ~Jocelyn

Here’s what we’re planning to make:

  • I am also working on completing illustrations for a comic that my friend, Joe Cervelin, wrote (Soul Paste: Arnie, the Flaming Bag of Dog Poo, nice name, huh?). The comic issue should be completed early July.” ~Adriana
  • “My first book’s coming out in June! My second one will go into the editing machine soon, and I will definitely update folks.” ~Brit, aka Princess Dread
  • This summer I’m starting up foodie/artsy/crafty days. I’ll start small with one or two talented friends on weekend days where I have free time, then grow it larger and more often till hopefully I’ll just have a designated day of the week where I make delicious real food, crafty art, videos and more with all my local talented friends.” ~Jocelyn
  • I hope to spend the summer finishing a children’s book that I have had in the works for quite some time. It’s about a forlorn bear who doesn’t move around enough and with a little magic- he changes that and has a colorful experience. I’ve got the story down and most of the pencil drawings ready. I just need to add the color! Additionally, we are planing to make a music video with our friend’s band, The Acetates.” ~Nicole

And here’s where we are coming into summer:

  • I recently moved out of my parents house to a quaint 1 bed room with my boyfriend and best friend, Tyler. A big step for us after 3 years of a loving relationship. So far the transition has been nothing but lovely.” ~Nicole
  • “I’m coming into summer looking to work the entire time, earn money and kick BUTT. We just got our first car, so I’m ready to rumble!” ~Brit, aka Princess Dread
  • I also moved out of my parents’ place recently. I’m now in a lovely neighborhood in Burbank with my boyfriend, Chase, and four other rad 20-somethings. We have a huge garage space which we are hoping to turn into a rec area, comedy show space and collaborative art creating area.” ~Adriana
  • “Our plans are fairly simple! To warm our new apartment with art, good food, and fun times. I plan to visit the beach as much as possible and swim as much as possible. We have a lovely park next to our new place that I plan to ride my bike in.” ~Nicole

Pass the tanning butter, man. We’ll see YOU guys in the park.

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