To begin our journey, we must first define what a modern accomplished lady is to us. She is well versed and accomplished in several different qualities including, but not limited to: Culture, Career, Health, Housekeeping, Fashion, Nurture, and Refinement. More specifically, each of these qualities include:

CAREER will include practical understanding of the media entertainment industry, blogging, small business ownership, home businesses, industry/social networking, etc.

CULTURE shall include skill in arts, crafts and hobbies, and affinity in music, books, film, theater, electronics, video games, board games, etc.

FASHION will include an expression of myself through clothing and accessories, cosmetics and hair, as well as staying fashionable and current in all settings such as the office, parties/clubs/bars, gyms, casual, etc.

HEALTH includes physique, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, etc.

HOUSEKEEPING will be cooking, cleaning, maintaining a household, paying bills, etc.

NURTURE is all about life, such as caring for social relationships, the planet earth, plants, gardens, pets, and perhaps someday an offspring?

REFINEMENT includes social grace, manners and etiquette in different settings, such as parties, social gatherings and dining. This would also be the catchall category for all things spiritual.