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Friday the 13th

500 Movie Challenge: Friday the 13th

Poster via Wikipedia.

Okay, so we’ve covered Freddy, Leatherface, Nosferatu and Jigsaw so far in this Challenge. We have many more movies to go in this thing,…


500 Movie Challenge: Stagecoach

You guys ready for a real Western? I’m talking a real Western movie, with shootouts and adventure. And some racist portrayals of Native Americans, sure. But the inherent state of being a Western means that Stagecoach is an imperfect strain of awesome.

The gist:…

Man With Two Lives

500 Movie Challenge: Man With Two Lives

From World Worth Watching.

Oh my goodness, is there truly anything better than corny science fiction movies? I don’t think so. But Man With Two Lives is something different among these. There are also elements of gangster movies in…

Sherlock Holmes in Pursuit to Algiers

500 Movie Challenge: Sherlock Holmes in Pursuit to Algiers

Did you know that there are a bunch of old-school Sherlock Holmes movies out there, just floating around in the public domain? I didn’t! So I had to get one in for…

How to Marry a Millionaire

500 Movie Challenge: How To Marry a Millionaire

Thank goodness this isn’t a musical. Thank goodness. Marilyn Monroe is super talented, and I’m a musical fan. But I am now starting to see why people get super tired of musicals. It would have been so easy to make it one….

His Girl Friday

500 Movie Challenge: His Girl Friday

As a young reporter, this film was often mentioned to me. It’s often mentioned amid films like 9 to 5 and Working Girl as films that every woman should sing about…

The Stepford Wives

500 Movie Challenge: The Stepford Wives

I’m going to spoil The Stepford Wives for you in this review. I’m going to, because it’s been over a decade since this movie hit theaters. Most of you people reading this thing know the movie’s twist. In fact, I’m convinced…


500 Movie Challenge: Grace

There is only one way to watch an indie horror film you know little about, and that is with film buff friends. When I received Grace in the mail from Netflix, I called up my…

House on Haunted Hill

500 Movie Challenge: House On Haunted Hill

Vincent Price is a dashing man. Too dashing, in fact. It’s become a problem for my dark little soul. I’m having dreams of him officiating my wedding. That voice… it follows me everywhere.


The 39 Steps

500 Movie Challenge: The 39 Steps

This movie was selected in honor of my late grandmother Barbara, who passed away in 2013. She loved The 39 Steps, and was excited when I mentioned that a theatrical version

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