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The Slanted Screen

500 Movie Challenge: The Slanted Screen

MORE DOCUMENTARIES! Seriously, there are way more documentaries making it to this Challenge than I ever expected. But I’m trying to keep it to documentaries that have been recommended to me multiple times and are considered to be well made. The…

Pumping Iron

500 Movie Challenge: Pumping Iron

MOAR DOCUMENTARIES. But seriously, this one’s been on my list for a while. My uncle’s a bodybuilder, so I was curious to learn more about bodybuilding from people back in the high times of it all….

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

500 Movie Challenge: Pink Ribbons, Inc.

This movie was recommended to me by a client (slash friend), who insisted that my entire perspective on cancer would change after seeing it. She’s a cancer patient herself, and has many strong opinions on how cancer is discussed in America. She said…

I Am Santa Claus

500 Movie Challenge: I Am Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Well, almost. It’s wintry enough out there that we can still be thinking about Christmas. So I decided to indulge in the most Christmas-y documentary I could find. Produced by

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