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The First Wives Club

500 Movie Challenge: The First Wives Club

This is one of my favorite films in the entire world. Everyone has a movie they’re able to watch over and over, and The First Wives Club is mine. It’s all about…

Gone Girl

500 Movie Challenge: Gone Girl

I was surprised with how Gone Girl was received when it first came out. People loved it pretty much universally, and yet everyone agreed that the main characters were pretty much the worst people….

How to Marry a Millionaire

500 Movie Challenge: How To Marry a Millionaire

Thank goodness this isn’t a musical. Thank goodness. Marilyn Monroe is super talented, and I’m a musical fan. But I am now starting to see why people get super tired of musicals. It would have been so easy to make it one….

The Stepford Wives

500 Movie Challenge: The Stepford Wives

I’m going to spoil The Stepford Wives for you in this review. I’m going to, because it’s been over a decade since this movie hit theaters. Most of you people reading this thing know the movie’s twist. In fact, I’m convinced…

Die Hard

500 Movie Challenge: Die Hard

The man, the myth, and the classic. Die Hard is the action movie recommended above all action movies. Every man I have ever met that loves movies love Die Hard. It is the Dude Movie…

The Woman

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Woman

I’ve been seeng this movie pop up a lot on my Netflix feed recently. I can see why, I love horror and the “feral person coming back to civilization” (i.e. Mama) is a trope I often love to watch play out. It’s a…

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