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The Fluffy Movie

500 Movie Challenge: The Fluffy Movie

Here were the qualifying factors that made The Fluffy Movie suitable for this challenge and other comedy specials not so much: It had a basic plot, played in theaters around the country and hit the time requirement. So as…

Ginger Snaps

30 Movies in 30 Days: Ginger Snaps

There’s a common theme in horror films: The plight of the weird kid. How they go about their lives, whether they’re really evil or not, and what (if anything) can make them “turn good.”

But what if “turning good” meant something was really wrong?

The gist: Ginger…


Recognize the Need for Real Food and Real Health

Once upon a time, I was a nerdy high school student.  My life was all about acing classes and filling my schedule with extracurriculars that looked good on college applications.  I slept little, ate a lot, and had little to no time to do anything else.  It wasn’t the most health conscious thing for me…

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