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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

If you haven’t seen it, you at least know of its reputation. A grisly, ruthless film with abomidable characters weilding ungodly weapons. It’s a nightmare. But it’s also breathtaking.

The gist: A…

Trick 'r Treat

30 Movies in 30 Days: Trick r’ Treat

When I was a little kid, I used to watch the Halloween TV special called It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown pretty much annually.

The gist: It’s a collection of vignettes, all set on a particular Halloween night. There’s a fun little comic-book…

The Pact

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Pact

Man, there’s lots of indie horror making its way into this Challenge! I may need to switch it up somewhat. In my defense, The Pact kept coming up in horror podcasts I trust, so it probably would have ended up on my playlist…

A Nightmare on Elm Street

30 Movies in 30 Days: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Finally a horror classic! It’s been a while.

I decided to go with A Nightmare on Elm Street because it seemed like the most intuitive start into the foray of classic horror….

The Woman

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Woman

I’ve been seeng this movie pop up a lot on my Netflix feed recently. I can see why, I love horror and the “feral person coming back to civilization” (i.e. Mama) is a trope I often love to watch play out. It’s a…

Would You Rather

30 Movies in 30 Days: Would You Rather

Are you a fan of Clue? How about dinner parties? Or better yet, you want to see people trying to be evil but really just coming off as elitist?

Would You Rather has hit me…


30 Movies in 30 Days: Excision

Oh, what a difference a day makes. I voiced my concern about doing something “useless” with my time by doing this Movie Challenge, and the world responded.

I now have actual encouragement coming my way. People are proud of…

The Others

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Others

Another day, another movie. I’m dealing with some serious guilt here, mostly because there seems to be no immediate benefit to completing this Challenge. There is, of course. It’s an investment in my cultural future, and I’m writing a freaking book about this experience. Of…

Perfect Blue

30 Movies in 30 Days: Perfect Blue

There is a contingent of people who have been telling me to see this movie. Not just because I love Black Swan, even thought they’re tied together spiritually. It mostly comes with a statement like, “Hey Brit! You like effed-up movies…”

But before I…

Sleepy Hollow

30 Movies in 30 Days: Sleepy Hollow

This is a very important movie, people—this is the second and final film of this challenge that I have previously seen. It’s all new stuff for me (and you!) from here on out. It’s going…

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