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Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream

Make Raw Vanilla Ice Cream

Rene and I recently bought an ice cream maker, and we’ve been so excited about it.  Part of the reason we bought the machine was so we can determine exactly what goes into the ice cream we eat, but also so we can make pastured raw ice cream, which isn’t just really good tasting, but…

Announce the Winner to an Amazing Cooking eCourse Giveaway

It’s now time to announce the winner of The Unacomplished Lady’s first giveaway!  As a reminder, I’ve been holding a giveaway to Ann Marie’s Surf & Turf Cooking eCourse for the last week.  In just a short amount of time, I learned a lot about web promotions, giveaways, and reader reaction to my…

Share a Sneak Peak Video for an Amazing Cooking eCourse

As you know, I’m taking Ann Marie’s Surf & Turf Cooking eCourse, and I’m super excited.  I’m also giving away a free enrollment to one lucky reader here, go and enter it now!  (Since my blog is fairly new, I’m still building up readership, which means that if you…

Give Away an Amazing Cooking eCourse

One of my latest goals on becoming more accomplished is to learn as much about web promotions as possible.  I figured I’ll learn the most by doing, so here’s my first attempt at a giveaway!

Yesterday, I posted about the new Surf & Turf Cooking eCourse by Ann Marie @ Cheeseslave.  I’m so excited about taking…

Take an eCourse on Cooking Meat and Seafood the Nutrient Dense Way

As my awesome readers know, in order to better my skills in the kitchen, I’m currently taking two online eCourses to teach me how to cook the nutrient dense way.  I’m learning so much and I love that I can take my time with my lessons through these online courses.  I just personally finished my…

Enjoying a glass of raw whole milk in the morning.

Drink Raw Milk

For most of my life, I have hated milk.  It tasted absolutely horrible to me.  I never liked it, and I have many memories of not finishing the cup of milk my mom wanted me to drink with breakfast each day.  The beverage simply grossed me out, and I would refuse to drink it unless…

Take an eCourse on How to Cook the Nourishing Traditions (or Nutrient Dense) Way

I am taking two eCourses on how to cook the Nourishing Traditions way (aka real food), or as I like to call it, the nutrient dense way.  The class is about teaching how to cook the traditional way that our ancestors used to when they prepared their foods, based on the Weston A….

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