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Close up, they look yummy already!

Make Holiday Crispy Nuts

This holiday season, I decided to make homemade gifts for my close family and friends.  Since I have been recently slammed with a lot of work, it had to be a quick and easy gift to make.  I decided upon making some holiday crispy nuts, as I have mastered making regular crispy nuts and the…

Wet Almonds Spread Out on Dehydrator Sheet

Soak and Dehydrate Raw Nuts

My second recipe to try for my eCourses was to soak and dehydrate some raw nuts.  From my eCourse, I learned that raw nuts are an awesome source of digestive enzymes, which you can’t get from a pasteurized or roasted nut.  Our bodies can create two enzymes: digestive and metabolic, so if we stock up…

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