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Saw 3D (The Final Chapter)

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 3D (The Final Chapter)

To clear up the confusion: The movie’s technical title is Saw 3D, but I believe that non-3D version (and general title) is Saw: The Final Chapter. So either title is fine. But now that an eighth Saw is currently…

Saw 6

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 6

We’re coming up on the end now. The end of covering one of the most maligned film series of all time, and one of the few that you can actually brag about not being able to…

Saw 5

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 5

If you haven’t read the write-up on Saw 4, I highly suggest that you go back and read it before reading this article. There are significant spoilers for that movie in this article, not to…

Saw 4

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 4

It was a big decision., bigger than I expected it to be. Which horror franchise was I going to highlight most during the Challenge? It probably wasn’t going to do anyone any favors if all I…

Saw 3

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 3

Okay, here we go. Now we’re on track. Saw III is the Saw sequel we should have had after the first Saw. This second one isn’t just a Trap Fest, there’s some real meat here.

But this movie wraps up so well,…

Saw 2

500 Movie Challenge: Saw 2

It’s official. I am officially a fan of the Saw franchise.

I don’t know what this series awakens in me. It’s probably playing to my teenage love of crime dramas, as well as the highly under-developed dark side that was fascinated by serial killers. Those two…


500 Movie Challenge: Saw

Among horror movie fans, Saw is rarely discussed. I’ve barely heard it discussed on podcasts, and even my most devout horror movie friends barely talk about them. We don’t mention it, because in the minds of…

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