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The Blair Witch Project

500 Movie Challenge: The Blair Witch Project

I am utterly devoted to The Blair Witch Project. the first time I ever saw it actually involved no sight. I was writing an essay in college, and noticed that some vagabond soul…


500 Movie Challenge: Grace

There is only one way to watch an indie horror film you know little about, and that is with film buff friends. When I received Grace in the mail from Netflix, I called up my…

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

500 Movie Challenge: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

What’s better than mediocre modern horror? Super-trippy vintage horror! Good stuff.

Seriously though, I had heard great things about The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari before finding it for realsies. It’s experimental film, which…

To Die For

500 Movie Challenge: To Die For

My gut desire to see To Die For was entirely selfish. I had heard for a long time that it was a great movie, but my main reason for seeing this movie was…

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