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Finished batch of golden pancakes.

Make Soaked Pancakes

The latest thing I learned from my real food cooking eCourses was to make soaked pancakes.  These are really similar to regular pancakes, except that there is a soaking period to help neutralize the phytic acid in the flour.  As a reminder, phytic acid is an anti-nutrient that prevents our guts from properly absorbing the…

Cooling and Ready to Eat

Bake Soaked Muffins

My third eCourse lesson I tried was to bake soaked muffins.  What are soaked muffins?  They’re a baked good that has gone through the process of soaking in order to neutralize the phytic acid in the flour.  As a reminder, phytic acid is present in seeds, nuts and grains and it is an anti-nutrient that…

Wet Almonds Spread Out on Dehydrator Sheet

Soak and Dehydrate Raw Nuts

My second recipe to try for my eCourses was to soak and dehydrate some raw nuts.  From my eCourse, I learned that raw nuts are an awesome source of digestive enzymes, which you can’t get from a pasteurized or roasted nut.  Our bodies can create two enzymes: digestive and metabolic, so if we stock up…

Finished Cooked and Soaked Whole Grain Spelt

Cook a Soaked Whole Grain

My first hands on lesson from one of my eCourses on how to cook the nutrient dense way is to cook a soaked whole grain.  The main recipe we were given was to cook brown rice, but since Rene is currently cutting out rice from his diet to test a food sensitivity, I decided to cook…

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