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Make Homemade Lip Balm & Gingersnaps

This holiday season, I decided to make homemade lip balm & gingersnaps as part of my presents for my friends and family.

For the lip balm, I found this super easy recipe using only real food ingredients and Rene created some super cute labels for them.

As for the gingersnaps, I never liked them till I…

Share an Awesome Video About Why to Choose a Nutrient Dense (Real Food) Diet

I am absolutely loving the first lesson of Ann Marie’s Surf & Turf Online Cooking Class!  As a reminder, the class is teaching me how to cook all sorts of grass-fed/pastured/free-range/wild meats and seafood.  The first lesson includes this awesome video about why health is declining in the United States and how what we eat…

Share a Sneak Peak Video for an Amazing Cooking eCourse

As you know, I’m taking Ann Marie’s Surf & Turf Cooking eCourse, and I’m super excited.  I’m also giving away a free enrollment to one lucky reader here, go and enter it now!  (Since my blog is fairly new, I’m still building up readership, which means that if you…

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Discover a Love for Video Editing and Post Production

I am a filmmaker and when I first approached filmmaking over 8 years ago, I was fascinated with all aspects of it.  From development to post production to sharing the finished product with everyone.  I loved it all and I couldn’t get enough of anything related to filmmaking!

However, for one reason or another, after I…

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