The House of Yes

500 Movie Challenge: The House of Yes

The House of YesNetflix is one of my favorite modern companies, because they’ve brought so many previously unknown movies to light simply through suggesting them. The House of Yes has been popping up in my personal Netflix feed for quite a long time, and I’ve never known why. Is it because I watch a lot of movies that star dysfunctional families?

No, it’s turns out this movie is just balls-to-the-wall crazy. Netflix may just be plotting to get as many people to watch it as possible.

The gist: Jackie-O (played by Parker Posie), the true star of this movie, is an unhinged woman in her mid-twenties obsessed with Jackie Onassis. The clothes, the look, everything. She’s been released from a mental hospital just in time for Thanksgiving. Also, just in time for her twin brother Marty to come home.

Turns out, Marty’s brought a fiancee with him. She’s perfectly ordinary, and that’s the problem. Jackie-O’s obsessed with her brother, and and new change in their dynamic is enough to make her go off the edge. But she’s not just manic. She’s in love with her brother. And she has no shame about it.

What I “learned”: There’s so much that we’ll excuse of people with problems. Jackie-O’s incestuous desires are often dismissed by her mother because she has problems. Hardly anyone is outraged by the incest except Marty and Jackie-O’s brother and the milquetoast fiancee. Jackie-O has a halo around her because she presumably cannot think for herself.

What’s scary to me is that there are still many instances where people are given a fee pass for their actions because there’s something wrong with them. Do parents punish the child having a temper tantrum if that child also has a broken leg? Are people more lenient of older people when they steal or commit fraud? I know I’m bordering on the politically incorrect here. But this movie truly makes me think about how we often let people get away with doing bad things simply because they have one problem or another. It’s good food for thought.

See this movie if you like: Movies that are short but hard-hitting. This movie’s only an hour and a half long, which I’m finding to be rarer and rarer in the course of this challenge. Hardly any movies are purposefully short anymore. It’s a novelty now. But the fact that this movie has great moments and a thorough structure in addition to being short makes it lovely. It’s a palate cleansing movie if I’ve ever seen one.

Avoid this movie if: You don’t appreciate plays by Tennessee Williams or Neil Simon. I was so surprised to learn that this movie wasn’t based on a play, just because there are so many Intentional Moments and important-sounding lines throughout the course of the film. If a characetr trying to sound smart for humorous purposes drives you up the wall, you definitely won’t enjoy this movie. You have to strap in and be ready for formal craziness.

New Films Watched: 10

Films Re-Watched: 0

Total Number of Films: 10

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