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500 Movie Challenge: The Interview

The InterviewI had to see this movie. The moment The Interview became un-censored, I started calling movie theaters all over Portlandia to see where it was playing.

Then I got a tip from a friend, and tickets were purchased. My boyfriend and I walked into the movie theater with excitement in our movie-loving hearts. Because it didn’t matter if The Interview was a good movie. In fact, it could have been an awful movie and it still wouldn’t have mattered. We were pumped to see this movie because it had actively ticked off an entire country’s leadership. Theaters had refused to see this movie because they feared terrorist retribution.

We are Americans. We are film nuts. We had to see this movie, and we were not displeased.

The gist: Seth Rogen is the producer of a celebrity talk show, hosted by James Franco. Think Extra if it was hosted by one guy, with even more scandalous taglines. Brilliant cameos in the beginning, by the way. Stick around for that.

But North Korea is upping its nuclear strength, and is looking to be considered a serious threat. Seth Rogen has a conflict of conscious about his tabloid show, but sees a golden opportunity to create something meaningful when he discovered North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a huge fan. A few phone calls and a trip to China later, and James Franco is set to interview Kim Jong-Un. There’s just one potential problem: The U.S. wants to use their exclusive interview as an opportunity to assassinate the dictator.

What I “learned”: The path you choose for yourself is usually the best path for you. The Seth Rogen character receives a little shade from a journalism school friend early on for heading what amounts to of a celebrity talk show. I definitely sympathize with that, having studied journalism myself and having ducked out of straight-up journalism myself. But I look at this character’s job, and I truly see no reason to look down on him. He has creative control, is best friends with the talent, and has a bunch of people underneath him who undoubtedly respect him. On top of it  all, he actively seems to have fun making this goofy show about interviewing celebrities. I see nothing about which I can shame this character. He’s built a career he loves, which is more than most people can say.

See this movie if you like: Movies with amazing chemistry between the leads. I’d watch this movie multiple times just to see Seth Rogen and James Franco talk to each other about nothing. They work so well together, and keep the movie entertaining in spite of its crazy premise.

Also, I feel this needs to be said: Even though this film doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, there are some awesome female characters in this film. In fact, it forced me to think critically about what do I as a feminist do with films that make awesome female characters but don’t pass that test. My solution? Give props where they’re do, but keep looking for perfection.

Avoid this movie if: Seth Rogen movies (meaning movies with some drug humor and occasionally misplaced bodily function humor) really aren’t your speed. This is definitely the most well-made Seth Rogen movie I’ve ever seen, which is why I have no problem recommending it to most people who ask me about it. But if movies with drug humor just aren’t your thing, I don’t think you’ll see this and have a good time.

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