Soul Plane

500 Movie Challenge: Soul Plane

Soul PlaneThere’s satire, and then there’s satire. There’s joshing about a people or a subculture, then there’s joking about a community on a deep level while still keeping everyone endearing and sympathetic. Soul Plane is the latter, and it is a delight because of it. I’m descended from the palest peoples ever to have lived, and I freaking loved this movie. No white guilt here. It’s amazing,

The gist: Nashawn (who is kicking butt in his career at the time I write this) has had the worst flight in his life. His dog was thrown in with general luggage, he was sucked down into the toilet and trapped, and his dog was then ejected from the plane and burned into the engine. Freaking horrible. So out of grief, he sues the airline. He wins a hundred million dollars, and announces his plans on what to do with the money: Build a new airline. An airline that will be awesome.

Nashawn Wade Airline is created, and it is bumpin.’ Hip hop swag, decent food, and black people working at every station. There’s even a dance club at the top of the plane! It’s awesome. There’s cameos at every turn, and is just a delight. But the biggest cameo of all comes from Snoop Dogg, as a pilot who loves reefer a little too much to fly safely. The plane starts going down, and the rush is on to find a new pilot. Meanwhile, Nashawn runs into the one person you want to run into when you’ve just won a hundred million dollars: The ex-girlfriend he left behind in his old neighborhood.

What I “learned”: There are certain movies that exist just for fun. You get the nod from the people they’re satirizing that it’s okay to laugh, and then we all sit around and laugh at what’s going on. I don’t need Soul Plane to be a great film, just like I don’t need Home Movies to be a masterpiece of scriptwriting. Some things just are what they are. Not everything has to win awards, and that makes them no less worth watching.

See this movie if you like: Satire films that actually try to build a world. It’s not fair to compare this film to Airplane!, even though that happens with every airplane comedy film ever. They’re clearly going for something different here. But like that classic film, there’s a strong attempt to build a composite world that makes sense within it. Nashawn starts the crazy-cool airline because he wants something so much better for himself. We’re set up to hate the milquetoast airlines in this universe, too. So of course we want Nashawn to go all out! Sneaky, that American satire. You sneaky people.

Avoid this movie if: You’ll be offended by the homophobic jokes. I was definitely ruffled by those, mostly just because they felt so dated. But I bet if this movie was made today the jokes would be different but still funny. You’ll roll your eyes, but probably feel the dated nature of them enough to move on.

New Films Watched: 45

Films Re-Watched: 2

Total Number of Films: 47

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