Three Amigos

500 Movie Challenge: Three Amigos

Three AmigosDear A Million Ways To Die In The West,

I think these are the jokes you have been looking for.

Take notes on how to be more ridiculous.

Love, Brit.

The gist: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short play silent film actors in a time when that was the same as being a traditionally published author. That is to say, they’re famous but broke. And when they’re fired from their studio, they’ve got nowhere to go. They’re the Three Amigos! They’re too famous to be anything else, apparently.

But as luck would have it, they’ve received a telegram from a young Mexican woman asking them to come to her hometown. But she had to go with the discount telegram option (how is that not a euphemism?), and there’s some confusion about the “show” they’re going to be putting on as the Three Amigos. That is to say, it’s not a show. The outlaw they’re going to be “fighting” is real. And he’s a legitimate terror.

Come prepared for some legitimately weird situational comedy, and some seriously awkward moments with Mexican extras. Who I’m willing to bet are actual Mexican people, which makes the stupid cowboy jokes land even better. This is a random movie, y’all.

What I “learned”: Parody films are not meant to be made halfway. Comparing this to A Million Ways to Die in the West, the only real difference between them is the level of dedication to looking silly. I had no idea Martin Short was a physical comedy actor. But he can hang from a tightrope, handle a (supposedly) twenty-pound pistol, and fall asleep like a five-year-old with the rest of them. It’s super funny, but more than anything it feels real. He’s dedicated to making his sections of the movie feel funny and lifelike.

You get that from everyone in this thing. As a result, you have a dignity-free but super funny movie. I can say that everyone who worked on A Million Ways walked away with their dignity intact. Three Amigos contains zero ego. But has tons of humor cred, because nothing ventured for comedy means nothing gained.

See this movie if you like: Movies with Saturday Night Live cast members that actually went well. This probably ranks right up there with The Blues Brothers in terms of carrying over the best of the SNL chemistry into movie form. It’s definitely not a guaranteed formula. But this one time where it actually works. There’s also enough parody of Westerns for someone that isn’t familiar for the genre to still have fun with it.

Avoid this movie if: You have absolutely no reason to avoid this movie. It’s an hour and forty minutes, but it’s absolutely worth the extra bit of time. It’s well paced, and there’s enough slow moments of What-is-going-on weirdness to break up the silent film tribute sequences. It’s not even racist! The whole point is that these three gringos are coming in like they own the place when they’re absolutely clueless. It’s good stuff.


New Films Watched: 83

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