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Why I Don’t Understand Summer Boredom

It’s going to start on Facebook pretty soon. “OMG, so bored.” “I thought summer was supposed to be fun?” “It’s so boring in summer…”

Really, people? You’re bored during summer? We’re all adults here, be real. How are…

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I’m Helping My Conservative Brother Become A Pastor (And It’s Okay)

The black one fits in with the other gators, but the albino’s more loved on the Internet. Who’s the bigger success?

Brian was always the favorite child.

He was extroverted,…


Make Homemade Lip Balm & Gingersnaps

This holiday season, I decided to make homemade lip balm & gingersnaps as part of my presents for my friends and family.

For the lip balm, I found this super easy recipe using only real food ingredients and Rene created some super cute labels for them.

As for the gingersnaps, I never liked them till I…

I'm all ready for hitchhiking! Bad joke? Too soon? Oh, I'm glad I can still have a good disposition despite my misfortune. :)

Admit to a Kitchen Blunder and ER Visit

(NOTE: If you get squeamish about injuries, please stop reading.  It’s really not a hugely bad injury and there won’t be anything graphic about it here, but if stuff like this puts you off, you best stop reading now!) Just earlier this week, I was excited to use the new mandoline that Rene and I…

Close up, they look yummy already!

Make Holiday Crispy Nuts

This holiday season, I decided to make homemade gifts for my close family and friends.  Since I have been recently slammed with a lot of work, it had to be a quick and easy gift to make.  I decided upon making some holiday crispy nuts, as I have mastered making regular crispy nuts and the…

Learn to Balance Work and Play

Wow, I have been so incredibly busy in the last few weeks.  First with work.  Then with lots of play.  And somewhere in there, I began to feel a major lack of balance in my life.

It all started a few weeks ago when my company received several gigs to work on.  It was mostly exciting…

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Admire The Birth of Venus Painting

I’ve been super swamped lately.  Lots of stuff happening (mostly working for clients and making the money), and unfortunately, not much time left for me to write posts here.  However, I’ve recently been very drawn to a classic piece of art and I wanted to take a short moment to write about this beautiful painting…

Attend a Wake

Until just this past week, I’d only ever been to one funeral in my life.  It was for my grandfather, and I was about 3 or 4 years old at the time.  I don’t recall much from that experience, except that I had to wear all white (the tradition of Chinese funerals), and I had…

Battleground for the Sexes!

Accept That My Boyfriend is Simply Happier When the A/C is On Full Blast

Rene and I have been having some great difficulty in figuring out the right temperature for our household.  Rene enjoys inhabiting a house that is cold, I think he’s not comfortable till the temperature is well under 70 degrees.  And for me, I like it warmer, anything around 73 degrees or higher makes me a…

Walk an Elderly Lady Across the Street

It’s kind of fitting for this to be my first documented goal, because for as long as I can recall, I have had an illogical fear of the elderly.  I think the fear has to do with how I feel most elderly seem incapable of doing simple tasks, like walking across the street, and I…

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