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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

500 Movie Challenge: Rory and Michelle’s High School Reunion

There are movies about female friendship, and then there movies about girlfriends. One is realistic and cutting, while one is optimistic and often weirdly insightful. Both are great for female representation in movies. Both are often highly beloved.


To Die For

500 Movie Challenge: To Die For

My gut desire to see To Die For was entirely selfish. I had heard for a long time that it was a great movie, but my main reason for seeing this movie was…

Ita Olsen

Interview with Ita Olsen of Olsen Speech, Inc.!

Ita, the Master of Strong Speaking!

When you hear “speech therapy,” you probably think of a doctor’s office. Or that tiny little room at school where you got sent if you had a lisp.

Ita Olsen is taking the concept of speech therapy and bringing it to…

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