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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

500 Movie Challenge: Rory and Michelle’s High School Reunion

There are movies about female friendship, and then there movies about girlfriends. One is realistic and cutting, while one is optimistic and often weirdly insightful. Both are great for female representation in movies. Both are often highly beloved.


For A Good Time, Call...

500 Movie Challenge: For A Good Time, Call…

Dear Sex and The City,

You lied to us about what it would be like to be young and (hopefully) successful in the big city. Those of us who can actually afford…

His Girl Friday

500 Movie Challenge: His Girl Friday

As a young reporter, this film was often mentioned to me. It’s often mentioned amid films like 9 to 5 and Working Girl as films that every woman should sing about…

The Interview

500 Movie Challenge: The Interview

I had to see this movie. The moment The Interview became un-censored, I started calling movie theaters all over Portlandia to see where it was playing.

Then I got a tip from a friend, and tickets were purchased. My boyfriend and I walked into…

Ita Olsen

Interview with Ita Olsen of Olsen Speech, Inc.!

Ita, the Master of Strong Speaking!

When you hear “speech therapy,” you probably think of a doctor’s office. Or that tiny little room at school where you got sent if you had a lisp.

Ita Olsen is taking the concept of speech therapy and bringing it to…

Jennifer Sparks Berthelot

Interview with Jennifer Sparks Berthelot of SWIFTKICK Life!

Aw, she’s happy to see us!

We are super excited to have the chance to talk to Jennifer Sparks Berthelot, the head honcho of Swift Kick Life. She’s a life coach bent on helping people live a full and sustained life. So in…

Beyonce photoshop

Guest Blog: We need to talk about ethics in games journalism

Image by Chris Remo, which is currently featured on Zoe Quinn’s Twitter account.

This is a post re-blogged with permission from the gaming blog Silicon Sasquatch. It was written (in fury) by our very own Princess Dread!

Video game journalism has always interested me because…

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