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A Clockwork Orange

500 Movie Challenge: A Clockwork Orange

Time for some movies about craziness! Okay, maybe anarchy more than insanity. But A Clockwork Orange definitely ranks up there with movies notorious for being batsh*t crazy. And it stars

M film

500 Movie Challenge: M

Time to revert back to the classics. M has been recommended to me for going on a decade. It’s a thriller, centered around a serial killer. It’s an old movie, but I didn’t expect to be shocked.

Holy sh*t, this movie’s amazing.

The gist:…

The Blair Witch Project

500 Movie Challenge: The Blair Witch Project

I am utterly devoted to The Blair Witch Project. the first time I ever saw it actually involved no sight. I was writing an essay in college, and noticed that some vagabond soul…

Friday the 13th

500 Movie Challenge: Friday the 13th

Poster via Wikipedia.

Okay, so we’ve covered Freddy, Leatherface, Nosferatu and Jigsaw so far in this Challenge. We have many more movies to go in this thing,…

Three Amigos

500 Movie Challenge: Three Amigos

Dear A Million Ways To Die In The West,

I think these are the jokes you have been looking for.

Take notes on how to be more ridiculous.

Love, Brit.

The gist: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short…

The 39 Steps

500 Movie Challenge: The 39 Steps

This movie was selected in honor of my late grandmother Barbara, who passed away in 2013. She loved The 39 Steps, and was excited when I mentioned that a theatrical version

The Neverending Story

500 Movie Challenge: The Neverending Story

“What do you mean, you’ve never seen The Neverending Story?”

I mean I never saw it as a kid. So now I have to be quasi-creepy and watch it on my laptop as an…

Duck Soup

500 Movie Challenge: Duck Soup

I won’t lie: I needed a shorter movie to watch so I could meet my quota for the week. Desperate times call for compact movies. But Duck Soup‘s a classic in addition to being…

Die Hard

500 Movie Challenge: Die Hard

The man, the myth, and the classic. Die Hard is the action movie recommended above all action movies. Every man I have ever met that loves movies love Die Hard. It is the Dude Movie…

Watership Down

500 Movie Challenge: Watership Down

An animation classic! This definitely qualifies as a movie I’ve been meaning to see, so it’s thrown in among the 500. Watership Down also has two details that interested me even more: It continually makes…

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