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M film

500 Movie Challenge: M

Time to revert back to the classics. M has been recommended to me for going on a decade. It’s a thriller, centered around a serial killer. It’s an old movie, but I didn’t expect to be shocked.

Holy sh*t, this movie’s amazing.

The gist:…


500 Movie Challenge: Zodiac

I’ve had plenty of discussions in my group of film nerd friends about the death of the American detective movie. There’s just not a huge demand for them anymore. We’ll have our mysteries in the form of

To Die For

500 Movie Challenge: To Die For

My gut desire to see To Die For was entirely selfish. I had heard for a long time that it was a great movie, but my main reason for seeing this movie was…


500 Movie Challenge: Capote

There’s something wonderful about movies about fame. It’s watching a snake eat its tail, sure. But it’s often only that snake that knows the nature of its tale. Only movies and operations powered by fame can really comment on it. And thankfully, there are more…

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