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Skip the Shamrocks. Here's how you celebrate Saint Patick's Day

Forget Shamrocks. Here’s How To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day


Did you know that they don’t have Lucky Charms in Ireland? Yeah, they really don’t! Because Lucky Charms are for as*holes.

Really, people? We’re still making jokes about Irish people in 2015? We still make jokes about them…

The Jazz Singer

500 Movie Challenge: The Jazz Singer

Oy vey, this movie’s complicated. If there’s one thing my liberal college friends and I know The Jazz Singer for, it’s its use of blackface. That’s literally the first thing you’ll hear about it from any college kid, or at least…

Game Hen and Silent Lighting: A Hanukkah Story

Let me start off by saying that I’m not Jewish. Not even Jew-ish. There’s not a drop of Jew in me.

But my mother installed a love of Jewish culture in me,…

Sally Draper Mad Men

“Mad Men” Is Seriously Making Me Nervous

I’m not the type of person who gets attached to TV shows. I certainly love a lot of different television shows, and try to indulge in different types of shows. My last obsessions up to this have been direct polar opposites: The Boondocks and Three Kingdoms.

But tonight’s the Mad Men 2014…

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