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The Woman

30 Movies in 30 Days: The Woman

I’ve been seeng this movie pop up a lot on my Netflix feed recently. I can see why, I love horror and the “feral person coming back to civilization” (i.e. Mama) is a trope I often love to watch play out. It’s a…

Would You Rather

30 Movies in 30 Days: Would You Rather

Are you a fan of Clue? How about dinner parties? Or better yet, you want to see people trying to be evil but really just coming off as elitist?

Would You Rather has hit me…


30 Movies in 30 Days: Hunger

And it’s time for another change of pace… a movie about war. A war with assassinations, standoffs, anf prisoners striking for their rights. And it only happened in 1981.

This movie’s messed up. I’m not going to make…

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