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Dr. Dian Olah (she's as friendly as she looks!)

Find & Visit a Biocompatible Dentist

Since I realized a real food diet and a natural, holistic approach to health actually made a difference in my life, I’ve been on a search for a dentist who would help me continue on this path.  Thanks to Sean @ Underground Wellness, I found a site that listed many biocompatible dentists…

Enjoying a glass of raw whole milk in the morning.

Drink Raw Milk

For most of my life, I have hated milk.  It tasted absolutely horrible to me.  I never liked it, and I have many memories of not finishing the cup of milk my mom wanted me to drink with breakfast each day.  The beverage simply grossed me out, and I would refuse to drink it unless…


Recognize the Need for Real Food and Real Health

Once upon a time, I was a nerdy high school student.  My life was all about acing classes and filling my schedule with extracurriculars that looked good on college applications.  I slept little, ate a lot, and had little to no time to do anything else.  It wasn’t the most health conscious thing for me…

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