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500 Movie Challenge: Anchorman

Another re-watch! The first time I saw Anchorman was on terrible loudspeakers in a college coffee shop, so another attempt was definitely due. The occasion upon which I viewed this for the Challenge was my third…

The Last Man on Earth

500 Movie Challenge: The Last Man On Earth

Vincent Price is fabulous. If you haven’t seen a movie with him in it, do so at your earliest convenience. He is a treat to watch and delightfully creepy. He’s also the exact…

And Then There Were None

500 Movie Challenge: And Then There Were None

There really aren;t enough mystery films made anymore. Lots of movies with twists, but not many mysteries. I miss that. Let’s bring back true mysteries, people! Because And Then There Were None is just plain fun to watch and puzzle…

Sin City

500 Movie Challenge: Sin City

Sin City does not have a good reputation. It features graphic violence against both women and men, vivid depictions of prostitution and an unabashed love of smut. It’s notorious for having poor treatment of 99% of its female characters.


Beyonce photoshop

Guest Blog: We need to talk about ethics in games journalism

Image by Chris Remo, which is currently featured on Zoe Quinn’s Twitter account.

This is a post re-blogged with permission from the gaming blog Silicon Sasquatch. It was written (in fury) by our very own Princess Dread!

Video game journalism has always interested me because…

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