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Guest Blog: We need to talk about ethics in games journalism

Image by Chris Remo, which is currently featured on Zoe Quinn’s Twitter account.

This is a post re-blogged with permission from the gaming blog Silicon Sasquatch. It was written (in fury) by our very own Princess Dread!

Video game journalism has always interested me because…

Share Why Playing Video Games Will Save the World

I just watched this video about why playing video games can effectively change our world for the better.  The speaker, Jane McGonigal, totally says everything I want to say about gaming but didn’t know how to say.  After watching this video, I’m even more in love with and ever more committed to gaming.  Please watch…

Yup, that's me kicking ass as Ninja Babe.

Share My Steam Profile

Despite having written a whole post on why I should play more video games, I still haven’t actually played as much as I would like to. I’m averaging maybe 30 minutes or less a week, if I even remember to play. I’ve been mulling over why this might be, and I think I’ve…

Is this the future MMORPG player?  I don't think so.  I think there's a lot more to us than just a junkie addict.

Recognize A New Generation of Gamers

I was recently asked to answer a few questions about my experiences with World of Warcraft.  As I was writing out my answers, I discovered something about me and how I feel about people who play MMORPGs.  Keep in mind that these are only my opinions on the matter, but I’d love to hear what…

Nothing more relaxing than fighting a horde of zombies with three of your best friends in Left 4 Dead.  Okay, maybe that's not the most relaxing, but it sure helps me forget about stressful days.

Recognize the Role of Video Games in My Life

I have a weird relationship with video games.  I love video games, I own a lot of video games, and I want to play them most days of my life.  And yes, I want to play at this very moment.  The odd thing?  These days, I almost rarely play video games.  Even when Rene plays…

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