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Princess Mononoke

500 Movie Challenge: Princess Mononoke

All the animation! Because frankly, most conventional live-action movies are super long. Seriously people, when did two hours become standard for a movie? That’s ridiculous. I don’t think it’s crazy to ask that movies try to…

Pan's Labyrinth

500 Movie Challenge: Pan’s Labyrinth

Everyone has one director or creative person that they wish were their parent. Just because they’re awesome, you love the worlds they create, and you want to be there and see what’s going on in their head. For me, that creative person is Guillermo del…

Captain America DVD

7 Movies in 7 days: Captain America

Now we’re talking! Here’s a real superhero movie, Captain freaking America. I’ve seen this movie before, but I am proud to have it be my duplicate movie in this challenge. I watched it with my uninitiated boyfriend, who was under the impression…

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