Visit My Hometown and Planning to Chill

I just returned from a 6 day trip to my hometown, and I can’t help but notice how I’m not used to being home now that I’m back in LA.  I consider LA my home now, but something weird happens to me when I make a journey back to Northern California, my hometown.

When I head back, I usually stay at my mom’s house, I don’t have to cook or clean or do laundry, and I often don’t have to pay for much either.  It’s pretty awesome going home, since I suddenly return back to the norms of when I was a kid.  I also usually hang out with my high school buddies, reminding me even more of my younger self.  Everything is taken care of, and I just leave my worries at the door.  I know this happens every time I go back to my hometown, and every time, no matter what I try, I always revert into what I feel is a kid mode of living.

When I’m here in LA, living/working/playing hard, I am a decidedly different person from when I’m in my hometown.  I cook and clean a lot, I get work done, I can make a lot of decisions very decidedly and I come up with a lot of great creative and business related ideas.  In contrast, I feel more like I’m in an adult mode here.

I don’t think I mind being in either mode when I’m in the designated cities, and I do enjoy being in LA and in my hometown for very different reasons.  The thing that always gets me is when I’ve returned to LA and I’m still in kid mode.  Suddenly it’s a lot harder to cook a meal, or even be responsible enough to drag myself somewhere to eat a good meal.  Cleaning up seems so very difficult to do, and working isn’t even an option.  It usually takes me a day or two to readjust to my adult mode, and return to my usual amount of productivity.

I’ve yet to learn not to plan for very productive days when I get back into LA.  In fact, I just planned a very productive day for myself yesterday, and it was a major fail for most of my to do list.  So I’m hoping this post will remind me next time I’m in this position again, to simply plan for a day or two of chillaxing after a trip to my hometown.  As for today, I’ve planned a less productive day, and taking it easy!

Does anyone else ever feel this way when you go back to your hometown?  If so, what helps you return yourself back into a productive adult again?

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