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Why I Don’t Understand Summer Boredom

where's waldo artIt’s going to start on Facebook pretty soon. “OMG, so bored.” “I thought summer was supposed to be fun?” “It’s so boring in summer…”

Really, people? You’re bored during summer? We’re all adults here, be real. How are you bored during summer?

I know, I know this is my own problem. I was one of those weird kids that couldn’t wait to grow up. I was so excited to get out on my own, pay bills, and own a car. And owning my own apartment? Yesssssss.

More than all that, I was so excited to grow up and finally have some choice in how my life went. If I want to watch a movie as an adult, I just pop in a DVD and go at it. I don’t have to debate any siblings about whether or not it’s age-appropriate (for me and them). I didn’t have to justify spending 1+ hours alone.

Being a kid really sucks, when you think about it. You don’t have any responsibilities, but you also can’t impact your world whatsoever. You can’t even pick your own haircut until you’re around 12 or so. And can you remember the first time you picked out your own clothes? I’m guessing it wasn’t until you could actually pay for them yourself.

This is why being an adult rocks. Even if you end up making horrible decisions, they’re still ours to make. If it’s summer and you’re an adult, you can pretty much do anything you want. You can have a beer after a long work shift if you want to. Or you can make a goddamn blanket tent and watch Adventure Time for five hours. You have the choice to have fun in whatever way you want, because you have the friggin’ independence. The summer is yours, for realsies.

As an adult in summer, you can:

  • Have real, kick-butt water gun fights
  • Fill up a kiddie pool and HOG IT ALL
  • Walk anywhere. To the store, to the next town, anywhere you like!
  • Host a movie night, even if you don’t have a television.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write a blog entry about anything you want.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Build a fort out of furniture.
  • Spend all day inside, shame-free.
  • Eat an Elephant Ear at a country fair.
  • Spray-paint your bicycle any colors you want.
  • Black out all the windows and make your apartment a black hole.
  • Visit people.

Unless you’re dead broke, I don’t think you have a right to be bored in summer. And even if you are broke, there’s always stuff you can do for fun. Read things on the Internet. Update social media platforms. Pretend you’re looking for a new job and see what weird gigs are looking for people in your neighborhood. As adults, we have the autonomy to do anything we want with the time we have in the summer. So why not exercise it?

Let’s do this summer right, by celebrating our autonomy. Don’t be bored—be an adult.

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